The Reading Long Weekend.

   23 February 2004, evening time

As I am a student in the Math faculty at Waterloo, I do not get a reading week. Instead, we are given the last two days of what would be the reading week off. I spent the weekend in Waterloo, working on my compilers project. When I wasn’t working on compilers, I was participating in the CS graduate studies open-house.

Friday night, I took some time off to go to Crystal Palace, a Chinese restaurant in Waterloo. I’ve been there before for Dim Sum, which they prepare quite well. Their dinners however are pretty so-so. The meal was free, paid for by the Computer Science department, so I’m not one to complain. I was seated with Professors Jonathan Buss and Chrysanne DiMarco. Although the dinner wasn’t that great, the conversation was informative.

The next morning there were talks held by members from the various research groups at the school. Ju-lian had mentioned that his graphics prof, Kaplan, was a funny guy. I would have to agree. In real life, I think he looks like my cousin Mahi, only white. Well, perhaps not, but they do have the same kind of mannerisms and sense of humor.

After the talks, we were invited to the Grad House for drinks, and the UW Club for dinner. I ate and drank as much as I could.



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