The Soprano's

   26 September 2006, early morning

I’m halfway through the 5th season of the Soprano’s. I started watching the show during the 3rd season. I was hooked; it’s an amazing show. I went back and watched the 2nd, which they were showing at the same time, and then waited patiently for David Chase to make the 4th season.

My family had canceled TMN by the time that season premiered, so I had to order it again. There were ads all over the city advertising the premiere of the 4th season. I put off getting TMN till the last possible moment. I’m an idiot like that.

I called up Rogers Cable. “Hey, I need to get TMN.”

I talked with a fellow for a bit. I explained I already had a digital box. He told me how much it’d cost, and said he’d hook it up right away.

“That’s great. When will I be able to start watching shows?”

“It should be very soon.”

“Tonight? Like in a few minutes?”

“You want to watch the Soprano’s, don’t you?”


“You aren’t the only one.”

The fith season is great so far. It’s just as dark and depressing as the rest. If you’ve never watched the Soprano’s, be sure to check it out. I’d say it’s the show that really kicked off this new wave of really good television.



  1. It was Twin Peaks that kicked off this new wave of really good television. Twin Peaks! Everyone watch TWIN PEAKS!

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