The TTC is on Strike -- Again

   29 May 2006, early morning

The last time there was a big TTC strike, I was in high school, and it was the most wonderful time of the year. Even though my brother was driven to school by my aunt, I had already decided that there was no way for me to get to school. I enjoyed my time off. However, now that I work, it’s really just annoying that the TTC isn’t running today. (Am I the only one who had no idea a strike was in the works?) I have things I need to get done. A TTC strike isn’t quite the same as a Toronto wide holiday, though it is pretty close I suppose.

Update: So it’s about an hours wait for a taxi. There are two of us that don’t drive at the company I work at, and since we live fairly close together, we are splitting a cab into work. I can’t see this strike lasting very long.

Update: I got a lift back home from a fellow that works with me; and so ends a very short day at work. The strike is over now, and the TTC should be back up and running shortly.



  1. I guess I’m biking to work today.

  2. According to the Radio, some TTC Operators did not even know about the strike and came into work this morning.

    Good on ya Dave. Way to support bike week.

  3. Shima said she saw some buses driving around the city picking people up. The subway stations are definitely closed though; I got a call from my roommate (as well as Shima) informing me of as much. Sounds like it was a very last minute strike.

  4. I was waiting at the TTC bus stop for about 10 minutes (with about 5 other people) before someone walking by told us that there was a strike. Thank God for Viva and working in the suburbs! :D
    (It seems like no one at work actually expected me to come in…I should have taken the day off! argh!)

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