The (W)hole of Emily Scheller

   14 July 2006, late at night

I just got back from watching The (W)hole of Emily Scheller with Steph. It’s playing at this years Fringe Festival. The play is about the events in Emily’s life which have turned her into an ever-so-slightly cynical young lady. Her story is told to the audience in reverse chronological order. The play looks at some serious milestones in the girl’s life, and presents them in sometimes humorous, sometimes touching, ways. Emily is played by three actors: one boy and two girls. (None of them look alike, and going by the few descriptions we get of Emily in the play, none of them look like her either. I’m not sure if that matters or not.) One of the leads is Matt’s sister Rachael, who I haven’t seen in something like 7 years. (Oh my God high school was a long time ago.) She, along with both the other actors, did an excellent job. I was really impressed, and so was Steph. I’m really glad I made it out to see the play. It’s playing once more on Saturday, July 15th, at 2:15 PM. You should watch it. (Although I guess I say that about everything I see.)



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