30 September 2004, early morning

Threadless sells cool t-shirts. I found out about the place through either Dave or Mezan, though I can’t recall who now. I own one t-shirt from the store, titled Monkey Attack. You can see a picture of me wearing it in the gallery now. This picture earned me a “Threadless Point”, which translate into some store credit. If you frequent the site, it may be in your interest to submit photos of yourself in your t-shirts.

Threadless is an interesting idea for a online t-shirt store; essentially Threadless is community driven. People submit ideas for t-shirts, and the rest of the community votes on the designs. Popular t-shirts will be printed, and the creators win money and credit at Threadless for their submission.

I’m a fan of the t-shirts, if only because you probably won’t bump into someone else wearing the same t-shirt as you. Soon I will be the owner of Corporate Zombie and Mmm… Oranges. If you live in Toronto, don’t buy these two t-shirts. Well that is if you and I are prone to bumping into one another.

Other t-shirt sites of some note are: the controversial t-shirt hell, which is probably not safe for work, and the sometimes funny Busted Tees. Now and Zen make some great t-shirts, and I own several. You can buy their wares from Bluenotes if you live in Canada. Their t-shirts usually aren’t as interesting as those from Threadless, but are generally quite funny. My favourite simply has the phrase “I’m like a superhero with no powers or motivation”.

There is a world of interesting clothing out there, so stop shopping at the Gap already.



  1. Oh, and if you place an order, use my name “funkaoshi”, because then I get more points, and I really want them. If I get 20 points I will apparently start getting Threadless propaganda in the mail.

    I suppose Threadless is also community driven in its marketing, since I dedicated a whole post to the site, and this post is basically an advertisement. Damn!

  2. I already own corporate zombie! DIBS!

  3. You son of a bitch. I ordered it over the weekend. We’ll have to coordinate or something whenever we might bump into one another.

  4. I think I saw you and shima from across the plaza the other day. I think it was yesterday or Tuesday. I waved but you didn’t respond.

    I was heartbroken and have cried every half hour since then.

    my world is pain.

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