Thursday Night at Midtown

   15 September 2006, mid-morning

Standing outside the CIBC on College, Steph, Sharon and I were waiting for Patrick to grab some cash. I was on the phone with someone, probably Dave, explaining what we were up to. Suddenly Patrick started banging on the window of the bank and pointing off behind me. I turned to see what he was pointing at, but didn’t see anything of consequence. I thought I was missing out on a fight, or perhaps a movie-star—the film festival is taking place after all. I looked and looked, and then gave up.

Patrick wandered out of the bank, stuffing some money into his wallet, and said, “Your friend Jen just walked by.”

Jen? From Waterloo? I asked as much, “Jen? From Waterloo?”

“Yeah. The tall White girl.”

That didn’t sound right: Jen’s not tall. “Jen’s not tall. You mean Heather?”

“Yeah, her.”

I called Heather, and we met up with her at the Midtown on College. She was with her roommate Jen. They were coming from a Nouvelle Vague concert at the Mod Club; I was very jealous.

Dave and Linh showed up a little while later. I introduce Dave to Sharon. This was the 4th time they had met. You can never been too careful with introductions. I introduced Linh to Sharon. They had never met before.

“Hi, I’m Linh, Dave and I live together.” A short while later, with a little disdain in her voice, Linh clarified her earlier statement, “We’re roommates, but we’re not together.” This came up several times during the night.

We left the Midtown at around 11:30. I got home and climbed in to bed. Around 12:30, I got a call from Gary, who I had dinner with earlier.

“Hey, I’m free, what’s going on?”



  1. Great. Now everybody knows that I have the worst possible memory when it comes to names and that I don’t actually remember any of the names I hear at all. ;;

  2. Yes. But so does everyone else so I don’t think that’s a big deal. This actually came up in conversation too I think. Last night was a lot of fun.

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