To Live and Die in L.A.

   15 June 2004, lunch time

I watched To Live and Die in L.A. with Mezan and Steph on Sunday night. The film is a gritty cop movie from the 80s, bloody and violent at times, but far from an action film. The film is pretty good, a look at this hard-boiled cop basically being a bad ass, breaking rules, and bringing his partner down with him. The hard-boiled cop is played by William Peterson, from CSI. Seeing him playing this basically evil cop was quite strange—seeing him naked didn’t help on the strange front either. The movie is good and worth watching.

Review of To Live and Die in L.A from Rotten Tomatoes.



  1. I liked the rather pessimistic outlook of the whole film, but I didn’t think it was as good as I heard it to be.

    If you’re a CSI fan, you probably shouldn’t watch this movie since it might damage your suspension of disbelief in regards to Grissom.

    To his credit though, Petersen did play his character well.

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