Toronto, I Missed You

    6 February 2010, mid-afternoon

You can drink water out of the tap here. That’s how we roll in Toronto. I think it’ll take a few days to get back into the swing of things. Shima is passed out. I’m pretty tired, but am trying to stay up as best I can. Carvill and Mezan are supposed to be coming by shortly with sandwiches from the Stockyards. That’s a good way to start a weak of meat.

Update the Next Morning: Shima and I walked to Starving Artist for an early brunch. It’s strange being back. Toronto has never felt more sparse. The roads are wide and empty. There aren’t people everywhere you look. I’m the only brown person on the street. No one has a moustache. We crossed the road with ease. We got to walk on real sidewalks. The air is clean. There isn’t garbage on the ground. The weather is brisk. Brunch was good.



  1. I’m back as well, let us meet for sushi and head punching

  2. I too am concerned about Toronto’s moustache shortage.

    Welcome back, you two.

  3. Hi there! Cool Blog. I will be visiting often. Just like I visit Shima’s Blog daily. Hope you have a speedy recovery after your injury.



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