24 January 2004, the wee hours

Krishna is watching the Transformers Movie as I write this. I find it incredible how much of the film I remember, and with what clarity. My memory is incredibly bad, yet I can remember this film, which I haven’t seen in years, so well.

If you haven’t seen Transformers the Movie you must do so now. The film is truly a masterpiece. I wait with baited breath for the Criterion Collection to add the movie to their roster of DVDs. I really do hope someone puts out a re-mastered version of the movie, the ghetto DVD they have out now is so lame.

I’m back in Toronto for the weekend. Carvill came over and we watched the first 2 episodes (after the pilot) of My So-Called Life. I think the show is done really well. We have 4 more DVD’s worth of episodes to go.



  1. hook it up bre with the transformation movies!

  2. Not mine, my cousins, dude. I wanna get a copy though so bad.

  3. Thanks for waiting for me, asshole.

  4. You actually want to see My So Called Life? You and Mezan were bitching about it so much. We only watched 2 episodes anyways, don't worry.

  5. If I stopped watching every show with a really bad pilot I'd never have watched any of the shows I do today. Remember how bad Encounter at Farpoint was with Grapler Zorn? Flash forwards to The Best of Both Words or to the end with All Good Things and you can see just how much a show can improve.

    In addition to the Criterion Collection version of TF, I hope they do one for GI Joe where on the commentary track they talk about Duke's miraculous, off screen, badly dubbed recovery.

  6. True enough. It is a real shame the turn Star Trek has taken since TNG. I liked Enterprise in the first season, but it's gotten quite bad this season I would say. They should just make it the Dr. Phlox show. It would probably do quite well.

    I'm sure at some point the people making all the big decisions will be from a demographic much like ours, and when this day comes, we will see some good DVDs.

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