Transformers: The Movie

   11 July 2007, terribly early in the morning

I watched Transformers: The Movie again with Steph last night. The 1986 cartoon really does smoke the new live-action movie. The dialog and plot are much better, and the characters all have much more depth to them. This children’s cartoon had more drama and tension then the new film could muster over the course of two very long hours. There are so many memorable moments in the movie, and so many great lines of dialog.There are a lot of great voice actors featured in the film, including many celebrities. Robert Stack plays Ultra Magnus, Leonard Nimoy is Galvatron, and 80s bad boy Judd Nelson plays Hot Rod. The film is also Orson Welles last movie. Orson Fucking Welles! The cartoon is firmly rooted in the 80s, due to its (kick-ass) soundtrack. If you haven’t seen Transformers: The Movie, you really should.

The official Transformers: The Movie web site.



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