Treeless Mountain

   10 September 2008, early morning

The day before I watched Machan, I saw Treeless Mountain at the film festival. I like depressing movies, and the story line for this film hit all the right notes when I read the synopsis: two little girls are left with their aunt while their mother looks for their estranged father; they are told by their mother that if they behave their aunt will give them coins they should place in a piggy-bank; when the bank is full she will come home. The film is slow, and the plot is simple. I don’t think that is a big deal, the film is really about the characters. The two little girls do an amazing job playing their parts — impressive considering neither are actors. The mother, aunt, and everyone who plays a supporting role in the film was excellent. If you can, go watch this movie. The very last scene is simple, but great.



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