True Grit

    3 February 2012, early morning

True Grit was great. The very excellent and funny Hailee Steinfeld plays a young lady trying to catch the man who killed her father. She hires a marshal, played by Jeff Bridges, to help her in her quest. She also meets a Texax Ranger, played by Matt Damon, who is also looking for the same man. That could all be pretty heavy, but the film is actually quite funny. Between the humour things are more sombre and dark. The contrast between the comedy and drama probably makes the comedy more comedic and the drama more dramatic. Like most Coen brothers films the writing is great. The acting is really solid. I hadn’t seem a movie of note in quite some time, so this was a good movie to start the year off with. This is definitely worth watching. I’m now curious to see what the original version of this film is like.

The official True Grit website.



  1. Hailee Steinfeld is definitely a better actress (Actor now?) than the girl in the original True Grit. And Jeff Bridges is still pretty entertaining. Overall the remake was actually one of the few that I think lived up to the original, if not surpassing it.

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