13 May 2005, early evening

I saw Unleashed (also know as Danny the Dog) by myself at Paramount. I don’t know why I watched it alone, since I know people who want to see it. The film was quite good. Jet Li plays a killer who goes mental when you take off a collar he wears around his neck. He ends up meeting Morgan Freeman’s character, who tries to teach him that he doesn’t have to be a maniac. The fight sequences are pretty intense, really violent stuff. Jet Li is always entertaining to watch, and I think he does a good job playing a precocious maniac. The british gangsters were all wicked-cool. Bob Hoskins does an especially good job playing the lead villain. You should definitely check out the film. The films score, done by Massive Attack, was also awesome.

The official Danny the Dog web site



  1. I don’t know why I watched it alone, since I know people who want to see it.

    Is it because you’re a dick? I think it is.

  2. This is Go all over again.

  3. Damn. I had forgotten I watched that by myself too. Go is a wicked film.

  4. The fight scenes are all really well done. Good work by Yuen Wu Ping, Jet Li and the rest.

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