Unofficial Graduate

   26 May 2004, late morning

I checked my unofficial transcript today, as I need to send it off to a company I am applying to work for. Nothing has changed, except at the top, it now says:

– - – Degrees Awarded – - –
Degree : Bachelor of Mathematics
Confer Date : 2004-06-19
Degree Honours: With Distinction
Plan : Combinatorics & Optimization, Honours, Co-operativ
Plan : Computer Science, Honours, Co-operative Program

Looks like I did get my double major. I was always worried I was counting courses wrong. I’ll get my degree on June 19th, then I’ll be an official graduate.



  1. yay :)
    i’m dating a smarty pants! :D he he he

  2. Congratulations.

  3. Congrats!

    Just don’t let your education (or job) get in the way of watching brilliant movies.

    ... okay, I’m just kidding. :)


  4. Since finishing school I have seen so many movies it borders on ridiculous. I watched 2 more today.

  5. Congratulations, Ramanan.

  6. Congrats. I was going to get a minor until they changed the requirements in my last year and told me to screw off.

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