Valentines Day 2003

   14 February 2006, early morning

My first proper date with Shima was on Valentines day. We went to Jane Bond, which is the best (and coolest) vegetarian restaurant in Waterloo. At the time I thought Shima was vegetarian—later I would learn she was just really picky. I had a pizza, Shima had a panini of some sort and an ice tea. Shima always gets ice tea when we go out. Since we both look very young, I feel obligated to get some wine to at least give others the impression we aren’t in high school; also, I like drinking wine. We were at Jane Bond for quite a while. Shima would tell me later she was worried we’d have nothing to talk about. I can’t remember how we passed the time, or what we said anymore. I remember it was a nice date though.