Van Helsing

    9 May 2004, the wee hours

Van Helsing wasn’t good, it wasn’t bad, it was just one of those movies you watch that leaves no real impression on you whatsoever. The plot was a bit stupid, and the acting wasn’t so hot either. What it did have going for it was sexy, but annoying, vampire women, and Kate Beckinsale, who is omega hot.



  1. Compared to Underworld… better or worse?

  2. Underworld was wicked good. This movie sucked serious ass compared to Underworld. Kate Beckinsale also looks hotter in Underworld.

  3. Isn’t it Van _Hel_sing? With one L?
    I was planning on seeing it, but since all the papers and you are saying it’s rather average, I’ve changed my mind…

  4. Don’t pay to go see it. Download or rent the movie if you are curious about the film. And you are right about the spelling.

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