Volcano High

    4 April 2005, lunch time

My friends and I saw Volcano High for rent at Blockbuster. The Korean movie had been dubbed, the voices of various hip-hop stars replacing the voices of the Koreans in the film. Nobody should watch a dubbed film, so we didn’t rent it that night. Worse still, the ‘hip-hop’ version of the film is re-cut to be shorter.

A few days later, my friends and I ended up at Bay St. Video, where we rented the original version of the movie. The film is about a high school where the kids all run around fighting each other. Some have super powers. The principal is guarding a secret manuscript that all the students want to read. The film begins with the principal being poisoned, and the students scurrying about trying to find out where he hid the manuscript.

The film is totally ridiculous. The film feels like a live action anime. From the over the top acting to the brief descriptions that flash on the screen to describe characters you are being introduced to for the first time, the film features every cliché one would expect to find in an anime. The action sequences in the film are all pretty blah. It’s all slow-motion Matrix inspired fighting that gets boring pretty fast. Still, the movie is so bizarre you may want to watch it simply to see how ridiculous it is.

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  1. While it didn’t have the best action, Volcano High had great style.

    Also, I want to watch Primer.

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