13 March 2009, terribly early in the morning

I saw Watchmen last night with Mezan and Tyler. After the title sequence ended, I turned to Tyler and said, “This is fucking amazing,” or words to those effect. The film was damn good. The comic is phenomenal, and obviously the film will never be the comic, but the film does do a very good job at capturing the meat of the book. It’s a very faithful adaption, save for the ending. The actors were pitch perfect for their parts. THe special effects were great. Some shots seem like they were taken scene for scene from the comic. Rather than continuing to heap praise on the film i’ll just quote Patrick:

“It’s quite possibly the closest adaptation you’ll ever get in movie form from a comic book.”

“I feel like every comic book movie should be like The Watchmen.”

“It makes me realize how disappointed I was with every other comic book movie that has ever come out before”

“It’s like they did the entire movie spot on and then realized ‘no man, we can’t go ALL the way and recreate the ending, we need to change it slightly so the mainstream audience member won’t be scarred for life.”

You need to watch this film.

The official Watchmen website.



  1. Of course the moive was amazing, solid snake wrote the adaptation

  2. I actually thought that the movie ending was ten times better than the original comic book ending. It tied everything together perfectly.

  3. I have to see this, I still don’t understand the comic, hopefully this will inspire me to read it again…plus, Malin Akerman, mmmm

  4. The gratuitous hot sex was surprising but not unwelcomed.

  5. It’s just as gratuitous in the comic book I think. There might be even more sex in the comic, I don’t recall clearly now. I loved the song playing during that scene. The music choices in the film were great.

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