We Almost Watched Lagaan

   27 March 2006, early morning

Shima and I started watching Lagaan this weekend. This would have been the second time I’ve seen the film. With a running time of just under 4 hours, Lagaan is long even for a Bollywood film. Since the film is about cricket the running time seems appropriate. We must have got about 2 hours into the film before the DVD died. I tried playing the DVD on every single DVD player in my house (there are 4 in all, not counting the PS2) and none of them would play past chapter 29. It is frustrating investing 2 hours of your life into a movie and not be able to see how it ends. I’ll need to track down another copy of the film so Shima can see the entire film. When we stopped watching, the cricket team that was to take on the British was still incomplete. Lagaan is a very enjoyable movie to watch. It is very much a Bollywood film, with its love triangles, over-the-top villains, and at times campy dialog. Still, I think it’s an example of the sort of quality film you can make while still in many ways conforming to the gold-standard of Bollywood film making. The fact the movie is about cricket is a big plus.

The official Lagaan web site.



  1. If you’re interested you can head out to Sauga and pick it up from my parents house…though I suspect it’d be more cost effective to pick it up from Blockbuster.

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