World Cup 2007 Cricket Upsets

   20 March 2007, early morning

The World Cup of Cricket is taking place right now. I watched a fair amount of two Cricket matches over the weekend: India vs. Bangladesh, and Pakistan vs. Ireland. Both games were shocking to say the least.

Pakistan is ranked 4th in the world for 1-day cricket. They started their game against Ireland batting first. Ireland bowled them out for 132 runs — that’s an embarrassingly low score in 1-day cricket. Pakistan is a team known for their bowlers, so it wouldn’t be inconceivable for them to bounce back from such a poor start. Sadly for them, they didn’t. Ireland hit 133 runs in 41 overs; the win sends Pakistan home before the World Cup really got underway. That’s a serious-ass upset.

I love watching Bangladesh play. When the team plays well, they play really well. The number of young kids on their team is remarkable also; most of their top talent are still teenagers. Their match against India was excellent. They bowled India all out for 191 runs (with 9 balls remaining). This is a low score, but far from insurmountable. India needed to bowl really well, and they didn’t. Bangladesh easily chased India’s score, winning off a boundary with 5 wickets remaining. I think Bangladesh have a good chance of going far in this tournament.

I’m tempted to ask for Friday off to watch India vs. Sri Lanka. That’ll be a good game to see.



  1. Have you got ATN? It sucks that they have the rights!

  2. My dad signed up for the tournament, yeah. I’m not sure how much he had to pay; I think it was $180.

  3. Not sure if you can do this from work, but at least some of the games are being put on sopcast (online tv streaming thing). The SL vs Bangladesh game is on now, it’s the dish network feed.

    Download the player at, it lists the channels once you dl it, the game now is on ch 11827.

  4. I’m checking scores on the BBC. Sri Lanka look to be killing it: 136-1 in only 24 overs. Sri Lanka’s batsman don’t mess around. They come out to whack the ball, which sometimes works well, and sometimes not so much.

  5. 8 overs to go and Sri Lanka are 242-2. I think they’ll post 300 easiliy. Bangladesh is going to have a hard time chasing a score like that with Murali, Vaas and Malinga bowling.

  6. I can’t imagine how badly India must have played to lose to Bangladesh.

  7. As I guessed, Sri Lanka posted a score of 318, loosing only 4 wickets. Impressive. They are bowling now, at and at the 15th over its 31-4. Sri Lanka are killing it. Damn.

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