X-Men 3

   30 May 2006, evening time

I watched X-Men 3 on Friday. I wanted it to be much better than it was.



  1. I give it a B. It was a good movie, but not a great movie, and not as good as the first two. The dialogue wasn’t as good, some of the moments that were supposed to be really emotionally jarring seemed to be dampened by bad timing – I didn’t feel like I was given the time to soak in the gravity of things that happened in the film.

    Did you stay til the end of the credits?

  2. Yep. I watched the whole thing. That’s the other problem I had with the film; nothing was really truly final. They seem to have come up with a way out for every single thing that happened.

  3. Do you think switching up the director for the last one was a bad move?

  4. Isn’t “nothing is truly final” the unofficial motto of every major comic book series ever made?

    And hey, it was Bryan Singer who hinted that Jean was still alive with the last shot of X2!

    I agree though about the dialogue not being as good and there not being any time to soak in the big moments.

    And yet… and yet, I still thought it was great. There. I said it.

  5. My brothers both liked the film a lot as well. It just seems so shallow compared to X-Men 2. I think Singer would have done a better job of the film. I just wanted the film to be so damn good. I don’t know what I will do if Superman isn’t amazing.

  6. If it isn’t amazing, I’m sure you and Mahi will hang yourselves. Remember what I said, estimated 300 million dollar budget. Anything this expensive has to be good!

  7. Spider-Man 2 had a budget of $200MM, so at the very least, Superman will be 50% better.

  8. I like that logic Rishi. Obviously an exception here and there is necessary, i.e. Waterworld.

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