XHTML Friends Network

   23 March 2004, late morning

XFN is a way to describe your relationship to someone else on the web via the rel attribute for a link. XFN is a simple idea, and seems easy to implement, so I may add the information to my links shortly. Basically if Dave is my friend, and I have a link to him on my web-page, then I state that he is my friend in that link.

Update: I’m listed on rubhub now. I haven’t thought of anything cool to do with the XFN information, except perhaps highlight links differently depending on my relationship with someone.



  1. My links are now annotated with XFN information.

  2. cool, can i be your arch-nemesis?

  3. Apparently it isn't an option. I wonder why.

  4. booo-urns.

  5. See http://gmpg.org/xfn/background -- specifically, the part titled "Positive or neutral relationships only."

  6. So there is your answer, Rishi. I guess I can always add you as my arch-nemisis. I wonder how the system handles malformed relationships? I wonder how Eric found my site too. (He is one of the three people who wrote up this XFN spec.)

  7. maybe he's got a trackback going.

  8. I suspect it is magic that brought him here.

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