Yay! It's Spring!

   24 March 2008, terribly early in the morning

The Spring equinox was on Thursday. It’s the tail end of March. This would be great if not for the fresh snow on the ground. And the sub-zero weekend weather. When people make fun of Canada, this is totally what they are laughing about. I’m so sick of the Winter. It is making me crazy. (And by crazy, I suppose I mean full of rage.)



  1. I am willfully ignoring weather predictions and buying cute spring shoes (not that I’ll get to wear them any time soon). I was so not made for this climate, why did my parents come here again…? whine, whine, grumble, whine.

  2. I just got back from the UK, and oddly enough, the weather was pretty much the same over there. If anything, it was a little warmer and a lot windier. We got caught in some serious hail on Friday, which seemed to shock them more than it did me.

  3. There is some crazy ass snow storm happening right now. Seriously.

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