You Want to Fight? I Won't Give it a Damn!

    4 July 2005, evening time

Very few movies remind me of high school more than the Young and Dangerous series. The first three movies in the series are much better than the films that would follow. The third film, which I watched with Shima and her brother on Friday, chronicles a turf war between the Hung Hing society, and the Tung Sing society. Tung Sing make appearances through out the series as a sort of generic evil triad. Hung Hing are the ‘good’ triad. I’m not quite sure how they make money, since they refuse to sell drugs and do anything else societies frown upon. The film is a classic. If you haven’t seen it, you haven’t gotten a real taste for HK cinema.

A review of Young and Dangerous 3.



  1. I had a friend in high school who reminded me of Chicken in so many ways.. so I started calling him that for the last 2 years. lol… I wouldn’t doubt if he was part of some street gang in Japan now.

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