Doctor reveals what happened to Zahra Kazemi.

   31 March 2005, early morning

The Globe and Mail has published a doctors account of the death of Canadian/Iranian photographer Zahra Kazemi. It’s sickening to say the least. CBC has picked up the story, but has not updated their in-depth section yet. I am sure her son was well aware her death was no accident, but could he have imagined just how gruesome the details surrounding her death would turn out to be. What the doctor describes is disgusting. Her family has my sympathy.



  1. I don’t even know what to say.

    Fucken asses.

    I hate the government of Iran.


  2. It’s sad what governments can get away with. If I’m not mistaken, The Shah, Pol Pot both simply died of old age. Suharto, is living under house arrest. It’s only very recently Pinochet was charged with any crimes, and he’ll also probably die of old age. It’s a bit disappointing we live in a world that lets things like this slide.

    It would be nice if this sparks change in Iran. Sometimes things like this fire the public up and brign about real change and revolution.

  3. This is being discussed at Metafilter.

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