Zombies: A Love Story?

   16 July 2006, late afternoon

Rishi and I watched Zombies today after having brunch with Sheliza at Flo’s diner in Yorkville. Neither of us really knew what the play was about, but it was well reviewed in Eye so Rishi wanted to check it out. Zombies is a one-man show about a guy who is late for work, and who had a strange dream. I really don’t want to say anymore on the plot; suffice it to say it’s a little bit strange. Stewart Matthews, the writer and one and only actor in the play, did a brilliant job playing all the parts, his accents and mannerisms changing with each character. It was really quite the sight to see. I’ll need to check out more of the Fringe Festival next year. Both plays I watched were really good, and I wonder how many other good ones I missed out on.



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