Marxism Essay Topics

   11 March 2004, evening time

You can tell when I’m procrastinating by the number of posts I make to my blog.

One idea I had for an essay topic for my Marxism class was to discuss open-source software and how it may have some sort of relationship with Marxism. The thing is, I don’t think there is anything in particular Marxist about open-source software. People talk about how with open-source software the money is being made by selling services, but this is true with closed source software as well. There is just something slightly different about having access to the actual product for free it seems.

I decided to see if anyone else has said anything on the matter. I think I missed a more interesting point, that this fellow brings up.

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Real Talent.

    7 March 2004, early afternoon

Mario!: Anyone that can play songs from super mario on the piano is ok with me.



    4 March 2004, lunch time

Need to sign up for some crap on the internet? Don’t want to use a real email address. Check this out: Mailinator.

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This is Sippey.

   29 February 2004, evening time

This is is a sort of index page for this guy with a bunch of really nice sites—I like the layout. The pages are all simple.

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A Tragedy.

   28 February 2004, the wee hours

Two in the morning, taking a break from programming. Check out these excellent mario brother movies done with flash, pure 8-bit goodness. [1] [2] [3]



   28 February 2004, the wee hours

I miss my SLR. I do love my digital camera, don’t get me wrong. The freedom to take pictures of whatever I want is too good to give up. The instant gratification of seeing how the shot turned out is excellent. Still, I miss my SLR. I think this camera from Leica, the Digilux 2, is what I want.

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God Hates Shrimp.

   27 February 2004, lunch time

As many of you know, God hates lots of things. There is a lot of debate about the rights of Gays to marry in the US. Here are 12 good reasons that they should not be allowed to do so.

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There Can Be Only One.

   25 February 2004, late evening

BattleFishies 1.0 Two fishies clash. The Aquarium is too small. There can be only one!

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Grey Tuesday

   24 February 2004, mid-afternoon

The controversial Grey Album has a website dedicated to protesting EMI’s attempts to censor the album. Today is Grey Tuesday, and sites are supposed to change their colour scheme to grey to support the cause.

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Elections in Iran

   20 February 2004, late morning

Elections are underway in Iran, and you can read all about them at the BBC. Iranians are apparently boycotting the elections, in the hopes of showing the world their disillusionment with the regime in power (and, for the lack of a real political opposition).

Hossein Derakhshan, a blogger from Toronto, is a good source for news about Iran. Hossein has asked bloggers in Iran not to vote, but to report about the election. If you are interested in what people in Iran have to say about the election, you can read their thoughts here.

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Check the Album

   19 February 2004, late afternoon

DJ Dangermouse – The Grey Album download. DJ Dangermouse has made a remix of Jay-Z’s black album. What makes this interesting is that the remixes contain the vocals from the Black Album, but only use samples from the Beatles’ White Album. The album is quite good.

Now, you will want to get it while you can, because EMI is not happy. What does Jay-Z think? Well, he released an a cappella 12-inch pressing just so people could “remix the hell out of it.”

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How to win a trial

   18 February 2004, the wee hours

Chewbacca Defense – Wikipedia. Don’t have a real case? Don’t worry, you can always use the Chewbacca defense.


Let Freedom Ring

   14 February 2004, mid-afternoon

I found this transcription of Martin Luther King, Jr’s famous speech at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. There is also an MP3 of King giving the speech.

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    9 February 2004, early morning

Firefox was a name that Roni Size used to put out some jungle jungle jungle jungle jungle. What I linked to was the new release of Mozilla’s standalone web browser, once known as Phoenix, then as Firebird, and now finally as Firefox.

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Courtney Love Does the Math

    6 February 2004, mid-afternoon

An article over at Salon, written by Courtney Love, discusses the state of the music industry. In particular, she talks about how the record industry is basically set up to rip off artists. It is a pretty interesting read.

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GI Joe Reprise

   31 January 2004, mid-afternoon

My cousin Jana showed me this site. Somebody has dubbed the ending lessons from GI Joe. Some are quite entertaining, the reggae one in particular.

Ahilan has informed me that there is a live action GI Joe film in the works.

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Kill Bill : Volume 2

   31 January 2004, mid-afternoon

The trailer is out for the next Kill Bill film. Frankly, the trailer sucks, but that isn’t saying much. I am quite sure this movie will be very excellent. I can’t wait to watch it.

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   28 January 2004, lunch time

Mezan sent me this link a long time ago. This is a wicked black and white photo. I feel like loading up my SLR and going out after looking at it.

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Dave's Blog

   28 January 2004, lunch time

Dave has finally put up morose code again. The newly designed page looks quite slick. You should go check it out. It’s definitely a better read then the crap I write. Hah.



   22 January 2004, evening time

The Standard Template Library is freaking crazy. This is the place I go to figure out what does what. I’m working hard on compilers, though I seem to lack the focus I used to have. Our first assignment is due in a week. I am feeling stressed.

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Break dancing iPod Commercial

   21 January 2004, the wee hours

The 4th iPod TV Spot is freaking wicked. You should check it out, it’s the best one they have done so far. I like break dancing, Apple, and iPods a lot though, so there may be some bias here.

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The Complete Faye Wong Discography

   15 January 2004, early evening

The Complete Faye Wong Discography. This is the discography I have used since high school to figure out the english names of all the Faye Wong tracks I like. The guy who runs the site, Josh, is also a Scarborough boy to boot.

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What is Mac OS X?

    7 January 2004, lunch time

What is Mac OS X? This is an interesting article I found linked on Slashdot which discusses the technical details of Mac OS X. An interesting read if you are keen on computers and what not.

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:: Pixelgirl Presents OS X Icons, XP Icons and Desktop Images ::

   12 December 2003, early evening

:: Pixelgirl Presents OS X Icons, XP Icons and Desktop Images :: Check the site out for some seriously good OS X icons.

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    8 December 2003, early morning

ram is the answer for me
ram is right
ram is ram
ram is running
ram is the culprit
ram is important

Shima sent me some googlisms of my nickname.

ramanan is another unfortunate singer
ramamnan is adamant on making false anologies
ramanan is isomorphic
ramanan is a well respected anthropologist
ramanan is one of the best story

Shima also sent me some googlisms of my proper name.

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