Don't Offend

    9 July 2004, lunch time

Cost of sex with a girlfriend and wife calculator. The people at are have devised some formulas for determining how much you need to shell out to get a little nookie from your significant other.

The above is from what I thought would be a pretty tame FPP at MetaFilter. 90 comments later…

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Reagan's Son is Not Too Impressed.

   16 June 2004, lunch time

Bush had this to say of Ronald Reagan during his eugooogly of the former president:

Ronald Reagan belongs to the ages now,” Bush said, “but we preferred it when he belonged to us. [President Bush gives Reagan eulogy]

Creepy? A little bit perhaps. Now the Club for Growth, a conservative interest group, has unveiled a new ad that implies Bush and Reagan are cut from the same cloth. The former president’s son would disagree with such a comparison:

But my father was a man—that’s the difference between him and Bush. To paraphrase Jack Palance, my father crapped bigger ones than George Bush. [Regan Blasts Bush]

Reagan Jr. has been fairly vocal in his criticism of Bush:

What’s his accomplishment? That he’s no longer an obnoxious drunk? [Reaganite by Association? His Family Won’t Allow It]

I wait patiently for the young Reagan’s words to be turned into an advert as well—without his express permission of course.

“No one has requested the permission to use his image in an ad, nor would we feel it appropriate to give such permission at this juncture,” Joanne Drake said. “We protect his image very carefully, particularly as it relates to politics.”

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Double Post

   15 June 2004, lunch time

There is nothing more embarrassing then a double post on Metafilter. Normally I am good at finding old obscure links, but today I guess I was lazy. Today I posted my first double-post to Metafilter. (The link was this snarky jab at the US.)

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Google IPO

   29 April 2004, mid-afternoon

Well, word on the street is that Google has filed for an initial public offering. I wonder if this will have the profound effects people are hoping for, causing a serious rebound in the tech sector. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. This tidbit of news is also my first post to Metafilter.

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My First Comment

    7 April 2004, early evening

I posted my first comment yesterday at Metafilter (well, Metatalk to be exact.)

Ever since Mez got me hooked on metafilter, I wanted an account, if only to say I had one. There is a lot of dumb shit posted on Metafilter that I always feel like replying to as well. At times Metafilter is very US-centric.

Mezan messaged me letting me know that Matt Haughey was finally opening up Metafilter again. There would be 20 new accounts allowed each day. You would be able to apply for an account at 12:00 PM, Pacific time. I had to wait a day to apply.

When 3:00 PM Eastern time rolled around, I logged on to Metafilter, hit refresh a few times and was greeted with a page welcoming me to join Metafilter. To say I rushed to fill out that form would be an understatement. I was so worried someone would sneak in and steal my spot. I typed as fast as I could and hit the submit button.

I had my own Metafilter account. Such a nice feeling.

I tried to login. The name I chose for myself was chungking express, after my favourite movie. I was surprised to find out my username and password didn’t work. I tried again and again with no luck. Confused, I pressed the back button on my browser, trying to find my sign up page.

You know what I typed in my rush? chunking express. I hope if I harass Matt Haughey enough, he’ll change my name.

How do I forget to type a G.

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