Animal Crossing

    7 November 2005, mid-morning

Rambot lives in Toronto. I should have been more creative with my names, but it was very late at night when I started playing Animal Crossing.

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Final Fantasy: Advent Children

   20 September 2005, evening time

My brother Ahilan and I have differing opinions on what is the greatest Final Fantasy game of them all. I am of the opinion that Final Fantasy 6 (released as Final Fantasy 3 here in North America)is the best. I don’t think the others can touch it. That is all I’ll say on that. Ahilan is of the opinion that Final Fantasy 7 is the best, which is the game I want to discuss. And I suppose I’d like to talk about Advent Children.

Final Fantasy 7 raised the bar for everyone else that makes RPG games. I think when it was released no other game for the Playstation came close to the sort of graphics and game play the game had. I still remember how amazing the advertisements for the game were. Final Fantasy 7 was the reason my brothers and I bought a PlayStation. I can remember Tony driving us around to pick up the system and the game. Even though I don’t think Final Fantasy 7 is the best game SquareSoft put out, I do think it’s damn good. The story line was intense. When the game ends you are left wanting more. I suppose that is the sign of a good game.

The game ends with one of the characters, Red XVIII, running with what one assumes are his children. That’s the very last shot in the cut scene that concludes the game. Final Fantasy: Advent Children begins with this same shot. I have been waiting years and years for this film to come out. It has been a long time since I played Final Fantasy 7. When I speak about it now, you reading this will have to filter out all the nostalgia that colours what I am saying.

Advent Children takes place 2 years after the game ends. The film is entirely done using computer graphics. Advent Children is what the Final Fantasy movie should have been.

The action sequences are insane. Being entirely animated lets the director and animators do some pretty amazing things. There is plenty of gravity defying stuff going on. The computer graphics are exquisite, though someone like Ju-lian would probably have to weigh in on if they are actually good or not.

The movie has a typical Final Fantasy plot. It’s all pretty fantastic and over the top. Basically, people are getting sick, and the sickness all relates back to events from Final Fantasy 7. The movie is probably watchable if you haven’t played Final Fantasy 7; it might be a little confusing at times, but since the movie’s plot is so light, I don’t think it detracts from the enjoyment of the film. If you have played the games I think you’ll probably enjoy the movie that much more.

I can’t believe I’ve written this much on a video game movie. I liked it though—a lot.

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