Nice Sites

   26 April 2004, lunch time

I’ve come across a lot of really great sites from reading the text pattern support forum. There are a lot of really cool designers making pages with text pattern.

Here are a few I like:

  • More Complicated. Nice and Simple.
  • Naked Loft Party. The content is like intelligent pornography, and the layout is pretty slick. More impressive are the number of modifications he’s made to TXP. (NSFW)
  • Valblog. This site has a wicked-simple design.
  • Solipsistic. Very gothic and avant-garde. My only beef with the site are the nested scroll-bars.

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Things to Think About

   17 April 2004, lunch time

Making a website can be tricky business. Well, if you want to do it properly, anyway. Some of you may have noticed I waste countless hours mucking around with this page. Incase you are feeling jealous, and would also like to muck around with your website, but don’t know where to start, here are some links for you to check out. Hopefully this will help get you all well on your way to prettier, well structured, web pages.

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A Brand New Day

    3 April 2004, evening time

The site now works using textpattern instead of moveable type. Please let me know if there are any problems with the new system, look, layout, etc. I’ll probably be mucking around with things for the next few days, but I wanted peoples opinions on the site.

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    1 April 2004, late morning

Here is a link to Kinja, the weblog guide. In particular, it is a link to my user page, which contains the latest posts from blogs that I read.

Kinja lets you make a digest of all the weblogs you read. They have programs that will scan those weblogs and when a new post is made, list the result. Kinja seems a bit imperfect, since Shima’s weblog has yet to show up in my digest. The service is currently a beta release, and is probably still not quite perfect.

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Nice Site.

   30 March 2004, lunch time

I think I like the handheld version of more then that real, meant-for-the-web, version of the site. Both layouts are pretty nice though I must say. The site belongs to Mena Trott of Moveable Type fame.

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XHTML Friends Network

   23 March 2004, late morning

XFN is a way to describe your relationship to someone else on the web via the rel attribute for a link. XFN is a simple idea, and seems easy to implement, so I may add the information to my links shortly. Basically if Dave is my friend, and I have a link to him on my web-page, then I state that he is my friend in that link.

Update: I’m listed on rubhub now. I haven’t thought of anything cool to do with the XFN information, except perhaps highlight links differently depending on my relationship with someone.

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The Things People Do.

   23 March 2004, evening time

I love useless widgets and other crap people add to their sites. This guy tells you the temperature in the area he lives using a banner picture that represents a garden of sorts. His description does his work much more justice then what I have just said.

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Comment Authentication

   22 March 2004, early evening

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought that this comment authentication thing was interesting:

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   20 March 2004, early afternoon

I’ve been getting comment spam at my photoblog, as some of you may know. SixApart, the company that makes Moveable Type, is developing an authentication system called TypeKey that they hope will reduce comment spam. They plan to have people register with this authentication service before they can post comments to sites that are using TypeKey for authentication.

I wonder if it will be effective, and if people will want to use such a system. Some people want to post anonymously, and some people may not want the comments they post on one site to be linked in anyway to comments they post on another site. (Maybe you post comments at a forum for child abuse victims, and want those comments to remain anonymous and separate from comments you post on your friends photoblog, for example.)

Most of all though, I am really curious as to how they will implement the system.

(I found this link at one of my favourite sites on the net,

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This is Sippey.

   29 February 2004, evening time

This is is a sort of index page for this guy with a bunch of really nice sites—I like the layout. The pages are all simple.

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