Changes, Changes.

   13 March 2004, lunch time

I am thinking about moving the site over to another content management system, Textpattern. I’ve been mucking around with it on my machine, and it looks quite interesting. For one thing, I think I could have my photoblog posts and my normal posts all stored in the same place, and they could be displayed together on a main index page easily, but they could also be displayed as they are now, as two quite different sties, just as easily. Anyways, I don’t know if i’ll actually do any of this. I kind of just wanted to type up a semi-long post to see if the new layout of my index page looks OK.

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My URLs.

   10 March 2004, mid-afternoon

I’ve been using the ideas outlined here for quite some time now to create URLs that should fairly clean and easy to read. One thing I’ve noticed at school is that sometimes pages get served up as text, as opposed to xhtml. Has anyone else experienced this problem. I use a .htaccess file to tell the web-server to serve up files with out extensions as xhtml, but perhaps sometimes it forgets.

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This Webpage.

   10 March 2004, lunch time

What do you see when you look at my homepage? I’m curious. Here is what I see. Now, if you are using Mozilla, Safari, Opera, then you should see what I see. On the other-hand, if you are using IE, I’m quite sure all bets are off. My goal is to fix the site so that it works for everyone. I think that is really the whole point of the web. I hate seeing pages that say, “best viewed with blah.”

Please let me know if what you see doesn’t match what I see, and what browser you are using.

Also, all you PC users, you should really switch to Mozilla Firefox. I am really curious to find out what IE6 does better then Firefox.

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   13 February 2004, evening time

I’ve changed the links to the CSS and XHTML validation programs to links to the CSS and XHTML specifications. I got a bookmarklet that will validate any page that is open in your browser, so I thought it was time to say goodbye to the links at the bottom of my page. I was using those links to quickly check that my site was made using valid XHTML. A lot of web sites post these links, but I’m not sure who clicks on them. Besides the site’s author, who would really care if the site is actually valid XHTML or not? Also, if there is a link to the validation program, wouldn’t you already suspect the site is valid? Actually sending people off to the program seems like a stupid idea. Although, I guess it does advertise the fact such a facility exists.

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   12 February 2004, evening time

The layout at the not so immaculate conception has changed again. I think this is close to how it will look from now on. I need to fix some problems with how the individual entries are displayed, but I expect the page to look like this for some time to come.

A good source for CSS layout information is the CSS Vault, which showcases sites made using CSS. You can find out how people hobble together nice sites with CSS. This page is a good place to look for people who want to make pretty standard webpage. It contains simple templates for some common layouts.

I wish there was a better way to lay out pages. Doing stuff with CSS always seems like such a hack. Even when you sit and think about the CSS box model, and work things out in your head all nice and perfect, your web browser will munge it all up.

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Small Changes

    3 February 2004, the wee hours

I’ve made some small changes to the home page. The page now has links to blogs I read. Others may enjoy not having to go to second page as well.


Individual Entries Layout Fixed

   28 January 2004, late afternoon

The pages that display an individual entry should now, finally, display properly. If people with browsers of ill-repute could confirm this for me, I would be much obliged. If you don’t know how to get to an entries own page, then perhaps it is time I change the layout a bit.

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Front Page

   20 January 2004, mid-afternoon

I’m still unhappy with the opening page, but I have no real time to change it just now. Looking through my referrer logs I’ve learnt that Mezan’s site accounts for the most links to my site. I’ve also discovered that this site links to my home page. I think the girl must have come across it via There is lots of interesting stuff in your web log files.

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   14 January 2004, evening time

I should be working on my compilers project right now. The plan is to start as soon as I post this message.

My website changes are going smoothly enough. I fixed a stupid bug in Mozilla that would draw images that were links really funny, so now all you mozilla users shouldn’t see strange blue borders and off center images where they existed before. I redid the front index page a little more. I am still not happy with the way it looks, and the way it is laid out is a bit of a hack job.

Also, I’ve managed to make the page look almost identical to Shima’s page now.

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   13 January 2004, the wee hours

Well this is it. Blogger has served me well for many months but I have decided to move on. I recommend blogger whole-heartedly to anyone who wants a nice simple blog. It is by far the easiest to set up and use. I’ll miss it, but I wanted to do stuff it just can’t do now. Please go to my new blog page if you aren’t there already.

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More Site Updates

   12 January 2004, early evening

I’m a bit closer to what I want. I’ve moved over to moveable type. There are CSS bugs I will need to fix but that will be done eventually. The index page at will also change slightly as I am unhappy with not displaying the full text of a post on that page. Also, I will eventually display a thumbnail of the current post in my photoblog there, but this isn’t being done yet. Please let me know of any bugs you find, and what you think. Sorry to the 3 of you who read my blog and find it annoying I can’t settle on a place to put it.

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Closer Yet

   11 January 2004, late afternoon

I’ve gotten more of the Moveable Type install working. What is left to do now is write up templates for Comments, Trackbacks and Individual entries. I want to import all my old blogger entries into Moveable Type as well. I’m not sure how well this works, if it works at all. Finally, I want to figure out a good way to generate a thumbnail for the current photo of the day. I could do this manually, and may do so.

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The Site

   11 January 2004, the wee hours

I think when it comes to my blog, I am more interested with actually making pages, layouts, and coming up with ideas for presentation, then actually writing blog entries. It seems to me that many of my entries in my blog are about things I plan to do with this web space. Here is one more such entry.

I am thinking of making this domain an about page, and moving the blog to This would match up with how We Must Abuse the Broadband is being served up. The other option would be to make a domain for the photo site. I’m not sure which I like more. I don’t know if I am putting too much thought in to how URLs look or not. Anyone reading have an opinion one way or the other?

My plan with the index page at is to take the most recent entry from here, and display that, and take the most recent photo from the photoblog and display that. I think that would make it a more functional index page then simply having links to the other two sites. So, to do this, I may infact switch to Moveable Type sooner rather then later for this blog.

This entry contradicts almost everything I said in the previous post.

Good night all.


New Domain and Othere Changes

    9 January 2004, early evening

I’ve moved the blog to it’s new home at It should be here indefinitely. Other changes are the use of blogkomm to allow for readers to comment on posts. I had originally planned to move the blog to Moveable Type, and may still do so one day, but currently it seems that for this site blogger works quite well.


Moveable Type Installation

    9 January 2004, early afternoon

There are still some quirks I am trying to fix. The way comments look and display now aren’t too my liking. I think other then that though, the pages here are quite similar to the pages served up by blogger. I’m actually contemplating not doing this at all, because it seems that MT adds a lot of complications to a set of pages that are quite simple. What I don’t get with blogger right now is individual archives. I don’t know if any of my posts are memorable enough to warrant them anyways. I may scrap this project, and move the blogger pages to this domain.


the desktapo

   23 December 2003, late at night

the desktapo. I wanted to make a page about my friends desktops, so here it is. I don’t know how it will change with time, but I asked my friends for their desktop pictures a long time ago, and thought it was about time I put something up.



   22 November 2003, late morning

I’m redirecting requests to my old web-space at the university of waterloo here till I figure out what I want to do with it.


This Site

   21 November 2003, mid-afternoon

I expect to put something up here sometime soon besides the photo web-page. I’m not sure what exactly. I will continue to use blogger to maintain this page for the time being. I don’t think i’ll have time to work on much of anything till after exams are done with. I’m happy with this layout, though I think I need to fix the way the side bar of links looks. Any suggestions for what to do are appreciated. Check out “we must abuse the broadband”. I think i’m happy with that website now, and don’t expect to change it much at all.



   20 November 2003, mid-afternoon

I now own the domain You can see my website there now. I will move this site over at some point in time as well. Chances are I will stop using blogger for this site as well, and manage everything with moveable type.


We Must Abuse the Broadband Moved

   17 November 2003, mid-morning

Has moved again. Expect daily updates, as I’ve moved the whole thing over to a moveabletype back-end. I’m hoping it is a lot easier for me to update and maintain now. This site will probably be revamped too, as if I do daily updates there, I don’t see the need for my very short and pointless messages here. More to come.



   12 October 2003, evening time

My photo website is back up (again) on my webspace with Sympatico.


No More Photos

    7 October 2003, late afternoon

Had to erase all the photos on the photo site. I’m looking for webspace again. I keep you posted as to when the photos will be up again.


We Must Abuse the Broadband

   27 September 2003, mid-afternoon

We Must Abuse the Broadband. My online gallery is back up. I’m hosting it on the same server this site is on for the time being. I hope to find a place which has plenty of web space for free in the near future. Till then, enjoy the photos.


XHTML is Valid

   31 August 2003, lunch time

All the pages on this site right now are valid XHTML 1.0 Strict. This probably doesn’t mean much to most anyone, but it makes me feel good inside. I’m having trouble validating my CSS, though I am most certain it is correct.

That said, there are still some problems with the site layout that need to be fixed. To see what I mean, check out the pipe dreams page.



   30 August 2003, late afternoon

I have made this site using CSS and XHTML. That said, my XHTML is still not 100% correct. (For example, I’m missing alt-names for my images.) I’ll fix all of these problems shortly. I don’t think this should effect anyone viewing the page, unless you’re using a very anal web browser.


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