A New Style

   25 June 2004, the wee hours

I am experimenting with an alternate style for the site. You can see what I have done so far by clicking on the Stripes. I haven’t tested it out much, but it should look alright in Safari. I’ll be mucking around with colours and fonts next, the layout should basically remain the same. I’m using the PHP style switcher that was written up at A List Apart. The PHP code in the article is way out of date however, so read the forum posts if you are interested in doing something similar.

I’m using Goudy Old Style as my font for this new layout. I don’t know if that’s something only other Mac users can enjoy. Someone in the PC world is going to have to let me know. I’m still not sure about the colours for text, links and what have you. What do people think of the other layout?



  1. :s i don’t know about this…

  2. Well I don’t intend to get rid of the orange as the default. I just thought I would make something different people could use instead.

  3. The stripes don’t work well as the background. The blue text on brown is hard to read.

  4. I changed the text on the right. It’s white on that dark beige now. The stripes are my favourite part of the design. Really that’s the only reason I made it, so they are hear to stay. Does everyone else hate the stripes too?

  5. Maybe it’s just the combination of the stripes, the tie in the Abuse preview and the tie in the header. It’s not so bad on the left of your blog, but on the right when the sidebar stops it’s really distracting.

  6. i second what Dave said..
    the orange version is definitely a lot easier to read… i like the color combination on ‘stripes’, but the stripes really are bold and do overpower the text/content/everything else.

  7. The stripes are distracting…maybe fade them a little bit…

  8. Lower contrast, less bright stripes. Thanks for the idea.

  9. I’ve dropped the option to change styles. It was a fun experiment, but I haven’t heard from one person who was even slightly interested in using that scheme over the orange. Anyway, I hope it illustrated that you can do all sorts of stuff with CSS.

    For those of you who use Mozilla based browsers, I will make a link to the other style sheet as an alternate style, so it hasn’t disappeared entirely.

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