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   20 January 2004, mid-afternoon

I’m still unhappy with the opening page, but I have no real time to change it just now. Looking through my referrer logs I’ve learnt that Mezan’s site accounts for the most links to my site. I’ve also discovered that this site links to my home page. I think the girl must have come across it via There is lots of interesting stuff in your web log files.



  1. That is probably because I get to your page from my page. No one is actually reading my site and them coming to yours. I had someone come from an .ru domain once and there was someone else from India and a couple from the States.

  2. Oh, I guess that makes sense. That is kind of boring. So do I show up on your referrer logs a lot then as well, since I only go to your page via mine as well.

    I found out I am listed on GTA bloggers a few months ago by reading my referrer logs. I always wonder who actually reads this stuff.

  3. I was looking at photoblogs on the weekend and 4 people have you listed as a "favourite"...unfortunately you need to recruit about 100 more to make the list of top "favourites"...I also though it was and not might was to edit your post. ;-)

  4. well aren't u the popular one? :P

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