Moveable Type Installation

    9 January 2004, early afternoon

There are still some quirks I am trying to fix. The way comments look and display now aren’t too my liking. I think other then that though, the pages here are quite similar to the pages served up by blogger. I’m actually contemplating not doing this at all, because it seems that MT adds a lot of complications to a set of pages that are quite simple. What I don’t get with blogger right now is individual archives. I don’t know if any of my posts are memorable enough to warrant them anyways. I may scrap this project, and move the blogger pages to this domain.



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Some things to keep in mind: You can style comments using Textile. In particular, *text* will get turned into text and _text_ will get turned into text. You can post a link using the command "linktext":link, so something like "google": will get turned in to google. I may erase off-topic comments, or edit poorly formatted comments; I do this very rarely.