12 February 2004, evening time

The layout at the not so immaculate conception has changed again. I think this is close to how it will look from now on. I need to fix some problems with how the individual entries are displayed, but I expect the page to look like this for some time to come.

A good source for CSS layout information is the CSS Vault, which showcases sites made using CSS. You can find out how people hobble together nice sites with CSS. This page is a good place to look for people who want to make pretty standard webpage. It contains simple templates for some common layouts.

I wish there was a better way to lay out pages. Doing stuff with CSS always seems like such a hack. Even when you sit and think about the CSS box model, and work things out in your head all nice and perfect, your web browser will munge it all up.



  1. Any opinions on the site change? This is what I have had in mind for a while. Sort of.

  2. i dunno if you've changed it since last night, but when i was viewing it through firefox, there was a border on all four sides, but in ie6 this morning, there is only a border at the top and bottom.

  3. That is wrong, should be a border around everything. You're right, on a CRT monitor the background looks very yellow. I'll have to change that.

  4. word, i don't know how designers can use lcd screens. especially when designing for print. lcd screens are far too bright for reasonable colour reproduction. however, i love how easy they are on the eyes. that aspect is simply fabu.

  5. Everything has a box around it in Mozilla 1.2.1.

    I think people normally go through complex rituals with colour swatches that they hold up to the screen to make the proper adjustments if they need the colour accuracy. But generally speaking most LCDs I've seen don't reproduce the full range of colours anyway so I dunno.

    What's this crap, email required? Fuck you ram. Fuck you.

  6. Well if you notices I think everyone puts down a fake email address. I should probably change it so that it isn't required.

  7. Just wasn't expecting it was all.

    By the way, very cool picture thing you have in the top right.

  8. Yes. I am a talented young man. Soon I will get a job at Accenture and all will be well. The pictures should change each time you view the page, in a semi random fashion.

  9. Yeah, change it so we don't have to give crappy e-mail addresses. The only thing they will get used for anyway is spam.

    And why is Ju-Lian still using version 1.2 of Mozilla...they are up to 1.6 now, you know. ;-)

  10. Should be able to post anonymously know.

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