14 January 2004, evening time

I should be working on my compilers project right now. The plan is to start as soon as I post this message.

My website changes are going smoothly enough. I fixed a stupid bug in Mozilla that would draw images that were links really funny, so now all you mozilla users shouldn’t see strange blue borders and off center images where they existed before. I redid the front index page a little more. I am still not happy with the way it looks, and the way it is laid out is a bit of a hack job.

Also, I’ve managed to make the page look almost identical to Shima’s page now.



  1. i think your layout was nicer with the two logos on the left, ur blog in the middle and the picture on the right. anyways thats my two cents. i'm going to go to work now.. yuck!

  2. I liked the way that looked as well, but it has the problem of not showing you the whole post. Unless the post is very short the user will have to scroll through it, or click to get to this page. I'm still thinking about what to do.

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