Textpattern Spam

   14 July 2006, early morning

I’ve gotten 4 pieces of comment spam at this site in the last 24 hours. To some of you, that may not sound like much, but it’s actually a lo considering I’ve managed to go almost 3 years with probably only a handful of spam comments making it onto my pages. I hope this isn’t a harbinger of crappier times to come.



  1. A couple of months ago I was getting a few spam comments a day, but I just realized when you posted this that it magically stopped happening after a couple of days.

  2. Why don’t you add an annoying field that would thwart 99% of the automated textpattern spambots? Or some math captcha as an homage to your undergrad?

  3. I’ve gotten four in the past week myself. Only on one site and one post, though.

  4. [ed. sons of bitches spammed my post about spam.]
  5. Up to six or seven spam comments now. Same post. Do the ‘spam’ and ‘ban’ options actually work? I know how Dean & co. like to give options for non-working features.

  6. I’ve been marking stuff as spam, though I’m not sure what sort of effect this has. I can check out the code and see what it does. (Actually, that’s a like; I will probably end up playing Warcraf instead of doing this.)

  7. I just noticed that I have had about 7 spam comments on my website also… I”ve been banning IP’s and also marking comments as spam, but since the IP address is always different, I don’t think it’s going to have a huge effect.

  8. I just noticed all my spam is going to the same post as well. I’ve turned off comments on that post; lets see if that helps at all.

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