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   10 March 2004, lunch time

What do you see when you look at my homepage? I’m curious. Here is what I see. Now, if you are using Mozilla, Safari, Opera, then you should see what I see. On the other-hand, if you are using IE, I’m quite sure all bets are off. My goal is to fix the site so that it works for everyone. I think that is really the whole point of the web. I hate seeing pages that say, “best viewed with blah.”

Please let me know if what you see doesn’t match what I see, and what browser you are using.

Also, all you PC users, you should really switch to Mozilla Firefox. I am really curious to find out what IE6 does better then Firefox.



  1. Site looks great in Safari. Oh yeah.

  2. This might help those of you with IE that refuse to upgrade, . But right now the article has, of course, /.'d the source.

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