13 February 2004, evening time

I’ve changed the links to the CSS and XHTML validation programs to links to the CSS and XHTML specifications. I got a bookmarklet that will validate any page that is open in your browser, so I thought it was time to say goodbye to the links at the bottom of my page. I was using those links to quickly check that my site was made using valid XHTML. A lot of web sites post these links, but I’m not sure who clicks on them. Besides the site’s author, who would really care if the site is actually valid XHTML or not? Also, if there is a link to the validation program, wouldn’t you already suspect the site is valid? Actually sending people off to the program seems like a stupid idea. Although, I guess it does advertise the fact such a facility exists.



  1. I've clicked them on your site, if only so that I don't have remember the link and can check my own. I've noticed that your site wasn't valid a few times in the past. That makes me scared, like when health officials visit a restaurant and there's human biomatter in the clam chowder.

  2. Yeah. I dont' check after every post, so sometimes it will be invalid for a few days till I happen to check and notice the errors. Currently I am having a problem with using javascript and xhtml.

  3. The snippet below is useful if you want to check a page for validation. Just put it in your bookmarks menu or on the bookmarks bar.


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