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   21 June 2005, early morning

Everything you ever wanted to know about Phone Sex -- best answer by a phone sex operator.

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  1. Don’t people have anything better to do? And, how sad do you have to be to be calling up a phone sex operator?

  2. There are lots of reasons a person might call. Maybe it’s someone unhappy in his marriage, but who can’t leave for any number of reasons (kids, family, whatever), someone who needs an emotional connection (read what she said – a lot of guys just call to have a good conversation) they can’t get elsewhere, someone who wouldn’t physically cheat but needs an outlet. Maybe it’s someone who wants to indulge a fantasy that he is embarrassed about, the anonymity being the only way for him to do so. Hell, in high school I had tons of phone sex with friends. It was a safe, clean way to be intimate and find out about each other without anyone getting hurt. And maybe it’s just lonely, desperate men. Do you never see someone on the street and think, “Whoa, who would have sex with him?” Maybe no one would.

  3. life isn’t all about having sex and you definitely don’t need it to be fulfilled as a person.

    maybe it’s the way i was brought up but i just don’t think it’s right. sex is something intimate to be shared between two people who love each other.. it makes it so cheap when people can just call a random person for it.

    by the way, calling someone up for a little fun is no better than cheating on a loved one..

  4. I did not say it was better, but not everyone shares yours or my conscience. There are those who would see a distinction between a phone sex call and having sex with another person. Personally, in my book cheating simply means doing anything you would not do in front of your lover. Not everyone is the same, though.

    Of course life isn’t all about having sex. But one cannot deny that the biological exists and that men are constantly producing a supply of DNA seeking escape. I think it’s much easier for people who have some sort of sexual release to claim that life isn’t all about having sex than it is for the 400lb. man living with his mom, working everyday and tyring to get by in life without a lover.

  5. I also hope, Shima, that you don’t think I am just a polemical asshole who enjoys argument. I genuinely enjoy your point of view and reading what you have to say, which is why I am impelled to click on your name every time I find you shooting at me here. :-)

  6. it’s too late Ben… I already do! :P

    he he he :)

  7. Why does it have to be a 400lb. man who lives with his mother and has no lover? Why can’t it just be a non-descript man or woman? Do all vegans hate fat people?

  8. I was just giving an extreme case. Personally I don’t care either way and think people should be free to express themselves sexually as long as they aren’t hurting each other (err, unwillingly, at least). Vegans better not hate fat people. Do you know how many fat vegans there are? Holy crap. Vegan does not equal thin or fit. Believe me.

  9. I’m curious, what fatty foods are there that vegans eat? (i.e. Don’t chocolate and ice cream and stuff contain milk?)

  10. People don’t gain weight only because they eat fatty foods. That said, I’m sure vegans eat plenty of fats in the form of oils used in sauces. I note that Vegs often put a lot of sauce onto their foods, perhaps due to their reduction in variety. On top of that, carbs are a huge source of calories. Next time you eat a bowl of rice, note that it’s like eating a bowl of skittles (both carbs), and if its white rice, the carbs are hardly more complex then sugar.

  11. Also, potato chips are vegan (generally). There are tons of vegan ice creams (in fact, I think it’s like, the first thing we tried to get 100% right – “Guys, I can do this veganism crap, but I MUST HAVE ICE CREAM”), oils to an extent. But Victor’s point is way more accurate anyway – that whole No Fat or Low Fat movement was a crock, there is way more to not getting fat than just not eating fat. You eat too much, basically, you gon’ get fat.

  12. Yeah…good points.

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