Dell pimps $99 laser printer, throws up gang signs. ⇒

   22 June 2005, late morning

I always wanted a laser printer. Now that i'm done school, I don't really need one. This link was found via Gizmodo.

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  1. Sweet!

    I so need a laser when I get back to Waterloo in Sept.

  2. Nice. I have laser already, but I know I had to do with jack-ass ink-jet at school. The ink is way too expensive, but there was nothing you could really do. You almost never really need to print anything in color. Except as an experiment, no one really prints in color ink-jet for a serious purpose. I.e. always printing photos that way, always desk-top publishing, etc. It’s just too expensive. After you calcuate the price per page, you realize that it’s very expensive to print with ink-jet. So much so, that anything in color is cheaper at a store. (Photo’s, publishing, copies, etc.)

  3. I’m confused…how do the gang signs come into the picture?

  4. Gang signs = Pricing war, gonna get ugly, etc.

  5. Exactly—$99 is really cheap for a laser printer. I seem to remember toner costing that much back in the day.

  6. Toner probably still costs that much. Don’t they make all their money off ink and use the hardware as a loss-leader?

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