Unfounded: Police dismiss 1 in 5 sexual assault claims as baseless, Globe investigation reveals - The Globe and Mail ⇒

    6 February 2017, early morning

Robyn Doolittle doing some next level reporting—again. This is a hard read.

[The] complaint is among the more than 5,000 allegations of sexual assault closed as unfounded by Canadian law enforcement every year, according to a Globe and Mail investigation into the authorities’ handling of sexual-assault cases. Rape, the most serious of those, is a crime so injurious to victims that the judiciary considers it second only to murder in severity.

National policing data, compiled and reviewed by The Globe as part of its 20-month investigation, reveal that one of every five sexual-assault allegations in Canada is dismissed as baseless and thus unfounded. The result is a national unfounded rate of 19.39 per cent – nearly twice as high as it is for physical assault (10.84 per cent), and dramatically higher than that of other types of crime.

Some really amazing data driven reporting from the Globe and Mail.

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