Not forgotten: For every Super Bowl star, there's an equally talented player who didn't make it - LA Times ⇒

    6 February 2017, mid-morning

“Is this Duncan Krier? Alex Mack just told everyone at the Super Bowl that you were the best high school player he had ever seen.”

There was a prolonged silence. “Yeah, I’m that Duncan Krier,” the voice said. “But don’t lie to me, man.”

He said he had not spoken to Mack in a dozen years. He said the observation was striking him like a bolt from another life.

“That’s wild. That’s insane. Holy hell,” he said. “Alex really said that about me?”

There was another long silence.

“The crazy thing about it is, I think he’s probably right,” Krier said. “And I still think about that almost every day.”

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