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   16 November 2005, early morning

Google Launches their latest offering, Google Base. Essentially you can create custom listings. I could make one for DVDs for example, and describe the attributes of a DVD, and then input all the DVDs I own, and ta-da, I have a list of my movies that myself and others can search.

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  1. More search engine spam. Thanks Google!

  2. We’ll have to wait and see if and how this gets gamed. Tom Coates explains why it might be cool at his web site.

  3. Yeah, thats right. Its definitely cool. And that’s how Google gets away with a lot of things. I am usually not this paranoid but Google is increasingly becoming the funnel through which all information will eventually flow. And Google seeks to make a profit on each information transaction—through relevant ads. Well Microsoft were thinking of the same as well. In this case, we seem to be begging Google to be the internet overlords.

    I am just amazed how clever they are. Actually a better word would be awestruck—a combination of admiration and fear.

  4. well, part of it is that Microsoft was pushy as a used-car salesman, whereas Google just kind of puts their offerings out there and sits back with understated-but-self-assured charm.

    that, and Microsoft’s products weren’t that good, whereas Google’s (the ones I’ve tried) are really effective…

  5. Funnel.

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