Economics in One Lesson ⇒

    5 December 2005, early morning

Learn all about the evils of unions, minimum wages, taxes, and other such things. I think the economics in the title belong in scare quotes, though I am no economists.

This is a post from my link log: If you click the title of this post you will be taken the web page I am discussing.



  1. I just read the title and hit the link. I started reading the ‘lesson’ and wondered if you had read it… I came back to comment and saw that you did catch the bits about how minimum wages are bad, taxes are bad, unions are bad and how they just do harm.

    Sigh. well, screw people over because it may be better in the long-term. The economist said so. do it!

  2. Then there’s this guy, a prominent economist, who believes higher social spending is better for the economy in the long run

    who to believe

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