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    7 December 2005, lunch time

I think i'm going to try out OmniOutliner Pro and kGTD. That is a pretty slick to-do list set-up.

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  1. i tried it for a bit, and while it is slick it just never really felt intuitive to me.

    Even after watching the tutorial movie I always forgot to ‘rebuild’ the database and all the other chores and extra steps it’d take to make things shiny and great the way I wanted them.

    4 minutes later, I just shelved it and went back to Basecamp.

    (Aside from kGTD, I use Omnioutliner a lot though, and I think it’s an awesome program.)

  2. Damn that is pretty intimidating. I thought it’d be a bit easier to get up and going. I’ll have to poke around with it a bit more to see if I like it. I always forget to do stuff, so something like this would be handy. I also want to find something to track my expenses, since I feel like I am hemmoragging my meager savings.

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