Kotaku: This is How You Sell World of Warcraft. ⇒

    7 March 2006, mid-morning

Korean girls hard at work selling World of Warcraft.

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  1. Koreans do everything right.

  2. “This is How You Degrade Women.”

    (By the way, it’s International Women’s Day tomorrow. Maybe you should make a post about that? Or are men only interested when women parade around in bikinis acting like little school girls?)

  3. No, only boys are interested in such things.

  4. It’s a Warcraft game in Korea… they could put an obese man in a bikini and it’d still sell out. Why do they bother?

  5. I bet those girls not only got paid to be hot, but they volunteered to be paid to be hot. I suspect there wasn’t any coercion involved at all. They made the choice. Because as women, it was their choice to make.

    Also, boobies.

  6. After reading these comments, I was expecting something along the lines of the love parade. This is just a video of pretty girls standing around.

  7. I couldn’t actually get it to play. I kept on getting buffering messages. WMV is the lame.

  8. Here is the video if that site doesn’t work for you.

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