Ubuntu Dapper (6.06) on the Acer 6700 Series. ⇒

   21 June 2006, early morning

Sencer writes about the latest version of Ubuntu. (Apparently it lives up to the hype.) He has more to say in the thread on Suse. My brother went back to Windows recently, so I never got a chance to see what the new version of Ubuntu was like.

This is a post from my link log: If you click the title of this post you will be taken the web page I am discussing.



  1. Ahilan was running the new version of ubuntu? It seemed to be the same as whatever he was running before. They may have fixed that 640 480 problem though.

  2. No he was running version 5; since he switched back to windows we never got a chance to upgrade and see what version 6 was like.

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