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   30 October 2004, late morning

Hitoshi writes about 'gifties'.

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  1. I should have linked to this when the thread was still quite active.

  2. stop using my computer to post stuff! :P

  3. Sorry for making a bad first impression on you, Shima. I think I was playing Tetris on my laptop.

  4. I thought you were doing that when you met Sheliza. When did you guys meet Shima? I don't remember anymore.

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened to both Shima and Sheliza.

  6. I thought the thread was interesting. Amazing to see the negative reaction some people have to the gifties. I guess it’s cuz we’re smarter, funnier, and better looking then everyone else.

  7. keep on dreaming baby! :P

  8. I don’t think it’s amazing. The reaction is similar to what one would expect facing any group of conceited individuals. Of course, some can look past the negative traits and see something of value, but others cannot.

    And the world keeps turning.

  9. That was beautiful, Rishi.

  10. I think people don’t like one particular stereotype of Gifted people, namely that we are all conceited. I think when I was in grade school this may have been true; I mean, you tell little children they are smarter then the other kids its going to have some sort of effect on them. But, by the time kids are in high school I think these sentiments are pretty much gone.

    I don’t think its fair to be mean to gifted children. It’s like picking on retarded kids. Going to Churchill Heights has probably left most of us emotionally stunted.

  11. I have never met a giftie who was not conceited to some degree. There are so few that I would consider truly humble, that I could probably count them on one hand; I suspect I would have digits to spare.

    Unfortunately, what you think is an exaggerated stereotype, rings very true. I think the fact that you and other gifties perceive yourselves as not being as arrogant as you are, further aggravates the sentiment of “the common man”.

    I think it’s funny that you bring up fairness. Please remember that you live in a place where it is affordable to hold special classes that cater to the needs of a very small segment of children. As someone who has been recognized as having a unique potential and been given equally unique opportunities, I don’t think talking about fairness is going to make anyone like you or gifties in general any better.

    If you think being mean to a bunch of talented and intelligent individuals is the same as picking on retarded children, you really need to step back and gain a new perspective.

  12. Damn it. We are just 2-dimensional.

    Also, I was being sarcastic, making light of going to school at Churchill. I guess you would have had to have gone there to understand. [ed. Here, Ram makes light of the other complaint in Histoshi’s thread, namely that gifties constantly refer to events that predate their relationship with everyone else]

  13. I didn’t see any < sarcasm > < / sarcasm > tags.

  14. They aren’t in the specification for XHTML yet.

  15. I saw a guy downtown wearing a U of T Engineering jacket that said ‘733+’ on the arm.

  16. This has nothing to do with the thread but your commenting scheme. Seeing how you use alternating colours for comments, I don’t think you need borders and gaps between comments on top of that.

  17. Back when Turbo was Turbo, and pretty girls went there, I saw some pretty girls, whenever I was there.

    On a side note, I like the gaps (the borders don’t render in stank-ass IE). If you squint, it looks like a ladder of useless opinions.

  18. Man, IE is some serious stank. I’ll muck around with this some more. And I made a thread about my colouring of comments which is where the last two comments should have gone, and where this one should be. Sons of bitches.

  19. I like the colours. I didn’t like the old ones, but these ones are good. Of course, you know all this already.

    Gifted gifted gifted gifted gifted. Now my comment has relevance.

  20. I read Hitoshi’s rant, and it was very ammusing, especially the comments by Dinu. I think Ram will agree with me that my grade had some of the most ridiculous gifted folk around, but I didn’t care cus they weren’t my friends, if they were happy just staying in that tight little circle..more power to em..but at the same time, since they did do that, they shouldn’t be surprised that people labelled and picked on them…all my HS friends thought they were lame (except for jesse and myself)..

    On another note, during the summer(excluding this one) my grade would face off against the gifted folk in a friendly game of soccer…last time we played they had double the bodies…we still obviously killed them…I just had to put that in after reading Rishi’s comments..

    Finally, with regards to Ram and his “I guess it’s cuz we’re smarter, funnier, and better looking then everyone else.” comment..who are you kidding…bitch

  21. Is being “truly humble” always a desirable trait?

  22. It beats being delusionally humble.

  23. I’ll only somewhat distill my comments from that thread into this one. This is because I’m lazy and original thought makes my brain hurt.

    my whole comment was mainly about the merits of calling out another group’s social interactions. Who am I to say that the way that Ram interacts with people is “wrong”. At What point did I fall asleep and suddenly get bestowed with the credibility to decide that kind of thing?

    my whole thing was that who the fuck cares if you don’t like the way a certain group act. If Ahilan’s friends thought that our group was lame (and we really were, I mean, seriously), that’s super, but did we give a hot damn about it? not really, we were (and are) happy with the people we socialized with. Am I going to tell Ram that he and his friends are acting wrongly? Isn’t that a completely arbitrary decision? It seems like this kind of thing should have gone the way of forced dances and homeroom and jocks beating up the fatties.

    And Ram may be bullshitting, but me personally, I am smarter, funnier, and well, just look at me… enough said.

    Why can’t we all just get along?

  24. Word, I agree with Dinu. I don’t see why people should care so much what others think. I’m sure people make false assumptions about me all the time, based on my hair, clothes, vocabulary, skin colour, education, shoe size, etc. What’s the point in getting worked up about it? It’s not like anyone’s going to stop doing it anytime soon.

    Sure, gifties are lame, but so am I, and I’m not even remotely gifted. Last I checked, the Bush administration was lame, too. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should vote them back into office.

  25. Oh yeah, now that I’m looking at the comments in FireFox (go team!), I think the comment borders fit in well with general theme that Ram has going on. I say keep them.

  26. Actually, now that I think about it, it was Sheliza and I was rolling up a character for our Baldur’s Gate 2 lan party. I can’t remember when I met Shima, but if I had to guess odds are good that it was that one time I was sleeping on the floor because we were supposed to be going out an hour ago. You know that time.

  27. I honestly had no idea this topic would bring out so much…I guess the woburn alumni have plenty to say about this, or more likely, have pent up frustration/anger/issues whatever….I don’t think it’s about everyone getting along..if it were, we’d all be living in super happy furry funland..but your right, who really cares what other people think, it shouldn’t (And obviously it doesn’t) affect how you live your life…

  28. just for the record: karate people are * smarter *, * funnier * and * better looking *. =D

    ahilan, but why can’t we live in a “super happy furry funland”? :)

  29. I also like the way the boxes look. One day I’ll make a Mezan skin for this site which is all grey and features no borders or boxes.

    I think Dinu’s basically said the most intelligent thing in this whole thread. The fact that his Prince Halloween costume was fucking awesome may some how play into that; I’m not quite sure.

    And Shima is right. The Karate people are one sexy bunch. Meow.

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