61 schoolgirls were killed, and 129 wounded in airstrike by the Sri Lankan government. ⇒

   15 August 2006, early afternoon

(Don't bother with this link if you'd rather not see photos of rows of dead little girls, read the previous story instead.) Update: The UN has come out against reports by the Sri Lankan government suggesting that this was some sort of Tiger training ground.

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  1. Holy shit. I wonder if, and hope she is, safe.

    I suppose I’ll never know.

  2. I had forgot you went to the school. You don’t have anyway to get in touch with people there I suppose? I am a bit surprised this news didn’t make it in to any of the Toronto papers. (Or did I just miss it.)

  3. I’m not in contact no. It’s more than a school though, it’s an orphanage too. The kids lived there.

    Everyone knew it what it was, as TamilNet pointed out. The Red Cross was about 3 or 4 clicks down the A9 from them (if I remember correctly), and they knew as well.

    After the tsunami, many of the children that were survived from this orphanage, were moved to Sencholai.

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